Sunday, July 16, 2006


Here's a picture of my last run out. It charts the speed against distance and also shows when you've hit the middle button to get your Powersong.

Nike Plus Online - Top Tens

It gets better - get back from your run, connect up your ipod and the latest runs are uploaded to Nike Plus. I've uploaed yesterdays and today and checked out the comminity leaderboard.. Today I have the 6th fastest 5k time in GB... not a particularly good time really but this the kit only launched Thursday...

Heres the top 10 5k times for the week. If youre out the top 10 it will show what position you are.. Im 64th in the World this week..

Make your own Lace Holder DIY Nike Plus

Using the packaging that comes in the box you can easily make something to hold the sensor to your laces. Carefully cut the "plastic foam" to size, make two holes either side and lace through your shoes.

1. Still in the packaging.

2. Remove the white card from behind to reveal the foam plastic

3. Make a whole either side on the rear and thread through lace.
4. My Brooks shoes with Nike Plus

Check out more photos here.

Will it work with an iPod Video?

Even though the nike and apple sites say its only for nano, I still wandered just why and maybe it would just work with the video ipod. I'm afraid its true though. It'll only work with the nano. The screen message is the same on the ipod nano when youve not downloaded the latest itunes update..

Saturday, July 15, 2006

No need for the Nike Shoes

I'm running in a pair of Brooks shoes and dont want to change. Will the Nike Plus work without the Nike Plus Shoes?

First off I tried it down a sock but it wouldnt work unless its more or less horizontal. Its small enough, so I put it in my sock but ontop of my foot. I couldnt feel it when running and its worked just fine.

First Run

First Run